Super World Indie Tune Of The Day: Simon Alexander couldn’t sound any grander.

Simon Alexander – Last Dance. Super World Indie Tune Of The Day Tune Of The Day – 02.09.2018.

photo by Mia Bira Göthberg

Good morning/afternoon/evening and so on. Now, what about this? It’s a little bit sweeter than our normal sugar hit, but hey it’s the weekend. “Last Dance” by Simon Alexander is an uplifting, borderline euphoric dance/pop/indie blast. It’s got a pretty cool guitar solo in there too and Simon really has a fantastic voice and great range. The song exhorts the listener to grab those chances that come along but, hey they may never come again, grab on even if it scares the shit out of you.

Simon hails from Göthberg in western Sweden and was a drummer in a number of different bands, whilst developing his solo work. In 2015 he released his first single ‘Cold Shiver’ with Distant City Light and then released his debut EP “Won’t Be Found” in 2017.

“Being young can be tough. You go through a lot of changes, you fall in love, and you make a lot of mistakes along the way. At least I did. With this song I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and make a fun and danceable anthem for all of those who wish that they had taken the chance when they had it. Whether it be telling someone how you really felt, or ask someone for one last dance.”

Thanks, Simon, I’m off to do a parachute jump now!

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