Super World Indie Tune Of The Day: Kama Aina & Hochzeitskapelle: Wayfaring Suite 02

Kama Aina & Hochzeitskapelle – Wayfaring Suite 02. Tune Of The Day – 29.08.2018

photo by Andreas Staebler

This is a bit special. Hochzeitskapelle are the seemingly ubiquitous Markus and Micha Acher, Mathias Götz, Alex Haas, and Evi Keglmaier – known via various other bands including The Notwist, Le Millipede, Unsere Lieblinge and Mrs. Zwirbl. The music they produce in their various incarnations is a constant delight for us here in SWIT Towers. “Wayfaring Suite 02” is no exception. It has a gorgeous, low-slung melody, the brass, in particular, is resplendent and the overall mood is that of an elegy for a beloved friend, tinged with both sorrow and joy. The video is a charming tale of the band playing together and recording the piece.

Hochzeitskapelle usually focus on cover songs, playing their loose-limbed, rumbling, foolhardy jazz tunes mostly live, in bars, in parks and out in the streets. One of Hochzeitskapelle’s go-to cover tunes is Kama Aina’s “Wedding Song”. An “incredibly beautiful song,” according to Markus Acher, a truly magic tune. They wanted more of the wizardry, and so they asked Kama Aina to write more magical tunes for the group. The result of this approach is Hochzeitskapelle’s new album, “Wayfaring Suite” which will be released on the 21st of September via Alien Transistor/Gutfeeling Records and distributed via Broken Silence. We can’t wait!

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