King Coya would never annoy ya

King Coya – E​-​Chango (zzk records)

“E-Chango” by Argentina’s King Coya is just something else. Immediately catchy – fusing dance, funk and South American folk, the interplay of the main vocal and the dreamy female samples is simply genius. It’s one of the most original tunes I’ve heard in yonks and a serious contender for tune of the year.

As it says on the YouTube clip ““E-Chango”, is a kind of funk-carnavalito, that tells the story of a character who migrates from the northwest of Argentina to Buenos Aires in search of a new life, while a teenage Youtuber’s melodic sampling describes local idioms with her distinctive slang and accent. “I was looking for videos about the Jujuy accent and this girl showed up. I knew straight away she had to be part of a song, the musicality was already there,” says Gaby Kerpel about this track that makes us reflect on folklore music and identity in the internet age.”

“E-Chango” is the second single from ‘Tierra de King Coya’.

There’s a cool review of the new LP over on the excellent Sounds and Colour website too.
Check it.

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