In the deep end with Small Fires

Small Fires – Backstroke

One could get very depressed thinking about the disastrous and insane Brexit project that is being undertaken by the absurd British government, especially when you consider the consequences for free movement of people and the effects it will definitely have (and is already having) on cross-cultural co-operation. It goes against everything Super World Indie Tunes stands (and indeed sits) for. But hey, this wasn’t meant to be no sad song. That’s why it’s such a delight to hear the new single from Hamburg-based Anglo-German outfit “Small Fires”.

“Backstroke” is a beautifully-realised, beat-driven indie-pop song. Hopeful, uplifting and playful , it is a perfect example of less is more and has myriad clever little touches that only become apparent after you’ve listened several times. And listen several times you will. “Backstroke” is taken off their forthcoming debut LP ‘All This Noise’ scheduled for release in early 2019.

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