SWIT Sounds Abound #7

Here we go, ten more super world indie tunes that tickled our fancy (is that still legal?) this week. Enjoy!

The Innocence Mission -Look Out From Your Window (Bella Union)

I’ve got a confession to make, I had never heard of The Innocence Mission until a couple of weeks ago when I stumbled across “Happy Birthday”, and well as you can imagine I tumbled head over heels for the band. As coincidence would have it I then found “Look Out From Your Window”, their new video for the song from the marvellous new LP “sun on the square”. Beautifully crafted, intricate, gently hypnotic and overflowing with peaceful joy, this song can only make you feel one way – better than you did before you heard it!

Azure Blue – Crimson Red (Matinee Recordings)

Excellent groovy electropop – “Crimson Red” is brash, bold and ultra-catchy this is my first time hearing Azure Blue and I love it. Retro without being derivative and any song that calls out someone for being a wanker is alright by me. Azure Blue is the solo project of Tobias Isaksson, if you like this check out the LP “Fast Falls The Eventide”.

Skizzo Frenetik – Restart

The prolific bard of Lima, Skizzo Frenetik, is back with new tune “Restart”. We are big fans here, and Restart has more ideas in a single tune than most people have on a full LP, kind of bitter, sticking pins in a voodoo doll but all done with so much class you have to be won over.

Speaking of full LPs he also has a new one of those out too called “Quarter Life Crisis” and “Restart” is not even on it – next on my list to have a proper listen, check it here.

Bruno Belissimo – Boloña Baleárica (La Tempesta)

Whatabouthis?!? Balearic to the the tips of it’s beautifully-manicured toes, the magical sax signature just takes it to a completely different level. We love Bruno! The video is pretty class too.

Boloña Baleárica is a tribute to a sweaty and suffocating summer Bologna. It’s the crazy mirage of the city but moved to the Balearic Islands. With cliffs and beaches instead of hills,fish instead of meat sauce. (I think that’s what it says).

Here is the perfect song for your holidays in Boloña, a famous seaside resort. (He added).

Mickey – Trampoline

The Slovakian brothers are back with a tale that wouldn’t be out of place on “Better Call Saul”. Another great tune, a heart of pure pop hides some very clever production indeed. Different without being in any way difficult, these guys are super talented. From the equally arresting LP “Overtime”. Check it.

Blue Hawaii – Lilac (Arbutus Records)

photo by arvida byström

Shimmering is over-used but it it insanely appropriate for the new single”Lilac” from Montreal’s Blue Hawaii. Dreamy, haunting, ethereal, the song and video have a hint of menace, an icy edge that just adds to the allure, the vocals cascade and drift in and out, lost souls of the undertow. From the outstanding LP “Blooming Summer”.

Spirit Fest: Anohito (Till The Gate) (Morr Music/Alien Transistor)

I’m heading off to west Cork for a couple of weeks in the morning, really looking forward to it and my mood is high so I didn’t think today could get much better but then the news came over that Spirit Fest have a new album on the way called “Anohito”, coming out in September. This is the lead track, and it’s everything we’ve come to expect from them – warm, gentle, melodic and wistful, it’s also extremely more-ish. Songcraft of the highest order.

Daphne and the Fuzz – Pawnshop (Inner Ear Records)

“Pawnshop” is a deliciously laid-back tune, filled with almost innocent anticipation, a dream for a summer’s day. This is a classic pop groove, with some really deft soul and disco touches. Sweeter than candy. Daphne and the Fuzz hail from and Athens and Pawnshop is from From the forthcoming album “2 AM”, can’t wait to hear it!

“I’m waiting for a nod or just a glimpse
You look so high up and so relaxed
Do you ever talk to strangers?
Do they ever ask for your number?”

A situation I’m pretty familiar with, I wasn’t nearly called “Sexy World Indie Tunes” for nothing baby.

Yall Ft. Julimar Santos – Always (Mushroom Pillow)

Perfect dance pop here from Barcelona’s Yall. Insanely catchy, the tune just grabs you and it don’t let go. Tastier than ice cream and it won’t dribble down your shirt, although I might.

Big Sky Country – Still in the Back of My Mind (10 Fingers)

Lovely ballad here from Big Sky Country. The harmonies are great, and there’s such a feeling of space between the instruments, the touches of brass and the unusual song structure is carried off with great skill. All in all something very special indeed.

Big Sky Country are from Esbjerg in Denmark and were founded by singer/songwriter and producer Philip Skovgaard. We’ve featured them on a few occasions previously and this is the best yet.

Everything added to our best of 2018 Playlists too. Laters.

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