SWIT Premiere: 3 tracks from “Songs About Our Past Vol 3” by Sunday Records

“If your soul has no Sunday it becomes an orphan”, a wise woman once said.

Well, our soul filled up with Sundays thanks to Red Sleeping Beauty. We recently premiered their tune “Falling Out Of Love” from their new EP, called “Always On Your Side” (released June 22nd) on Sunday Records, an American indie label founded in 1990 on which the band released an EP back in 1995. It was the label’s first release in 15 years! Now here is a taster of the second release, Songs About Our Past Vol 3. It’s 13 tracks compilation taken from their small but perfectly formed back catalogue, including 3 unreleased songs and 2 remixes by Mark D (Fat Tulips). See the full tracklisting below. Here’s a wonderful taster for the LP which is released on the 29th of June (Friday).

“I Think I’m Falling” by Aberdeen – a winsome, wistful summer-tinged beauty, “She’s Not My “Friend” by The Pristines, a lo-fi, angst-ridden tale of broken friendship with an added drop of bitchiness (isn’t that the refrain from The Teardrop Explodes?), and “Wish Your Days Away” by The Proctors, more lo-fi, more winsome, more folk, just gorgeous. The three tracks here are a great representation of both the sounds and the quality on offer across the album. Welcome back Sunday Records, I think we love you!

All the songs are taken from our Sunday 7″ and flexi-releases

Aberdeen – “I think I’m Falling”, a band from Sarah records, this is a cover-version of the They Go Boom song
The Pristines – “She’s not my friend” – another cover version of a They Go Boom song
The Sweetest Ache – “Dreaming”
The Proctors – “Wish Your Days Away”
The Proctors “Crystaline” (previously unreleased)
Mrs Kipling – “waiting” (previously unreleased)
Mrs Kipling – “Take Me Back To Heaven”, a cover version of Fat Tulips song
Fat Tulips – “Reach For The Sky” remix version by Mark D of Fat Tulips
Fat Tulips – “On The 7th Day” remix version by Mark D of Fat Tulips
The Melons – “Strictly Melonhead”
Red Sleeping Beauty – “Don’t Say You Love Me”
They Go Boom – “River Island” cover version of Confetti song
Aberdeen – “I Think I’m Falling”, instrumental version (previously unreleased)

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