SWIT Premiere: Falling Out Of Love by Red Sleeping Beauty

SWIT favs Red Sleeping Beauty must be happy indeed this morning, Sweden* vanquished mighty South Korea (imaginatively nicknamed “The Reds”) in the World Cup yesterday. More importantly, they have a wonderful new record on the way. I am so happy to premiere “Falling Out Of Love” from the EP, called “Always On Your Side”. It’s out on June 22nd on Sunday Records, an indie label founded in 1990 on which the band released an EP back in 1995 and this is the label’s first release in 15 years!

The music is pure RSB, exquisite melodies to the fore across the piece, the lyrics (mostly) on the other hand touch on regret, love lost, love leaving and a general sense of nostalgia which belies the breezy nature of the songs. I guess that’s natural as we all get more mature, we have more regrets and more to be nostalgic about. Still, I guarantee the record will leave you smiling.

Falling Out Of Love is a multi-layered electronic pulse, peppered with sharp beats and lovely little keyboard riffs. Kristina’s vocals are sublime, touched with sadness and the interplay with the backing vocals gives it a conversational aspect and added poignancy.

Bonus Tune Fact: The song is based on an unfinished Acid House Kings demo. Pre-order here!

Listen here!

“Always On Your Side”, the title track is, is a little more upbeat, possibly more complex arrangement and is mixed by sound genius Tomas Bodén (The Radio Dept, Differnet). It sounds like a classic already. “Just For Fun”, turns the sunshine and the nostalgia up to 11, why is it we never listen to our mothers until it’s too late? Final track “Tonight, Tonight, Tonight” is rather more to the point, “you say you need a break from all the annoying things that I call life and you call a slow short death” Ouch! The Protagonist claims that he can put everything right, but he’s only fooling himself (in my opinion). False hope does not mean a song, I mean you listen and you’d almost believe him.

*Sweden played its first international game against Norway on 12 July 1908, an 11–3 victory over Norway!! How embarrassing for Norway.

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