SWIT Sounds Abound #5


Good afternoon! I could be watching Morocco v Iran or listening to these ten terrific tunes – well no competition, music wins every time. Today we visit Indonesia, Norway, Italy, Austria, Catalonia, Finland, Spain, France and Sweden! Class – enjoy the tunes and have a great weekend y’all.

Peonies – Haliho (Nanaba Records)

SWIT favs Peonies from Jakarta are back – and Haliho is not only a beautifully cut slice of shoegazing, glitter-popping jangle, but is combined with probably the cutest music video I’ve ever seen. Set hearts to melt.

Andrea Laszlo De Simone – Gli uomini hanno fame

Here’s the thing, Andrea Laszlo De Simone is a bit of a genius, he creates these complex, arresting soundscapes, his songs are like the soundtrack to a sinister merry-go-round. Just check out his LP “Uomo Donna”, it’s stunning. “Gli uomini hanno fame” is from said album and is a philosophical rumination on the history that has shaped us, and an appeal to step back fro the precipice. The accompanying film is thought-provoking also, centred around the classic Mexico ’70 World Cup clash between Italy and Germany? But where is the ball?

Oslo Oscillator – Newlands (Perfect Pop Records)

Do Oslo Oscillator know their way around a tune? Yes, they do, here’s another great song that sounds like a west coast classic, like a song you’ve to know forever. Put the top and cruise down the coast road, all summer songs should sound like this. The record is released on Oslo’s Perfect Pop Records who were a prolific jangle/C86 label throughout the 90s/00s. They have been offline for a while but have returned and this is their first release. Good choice! The tune was partly recorded in the studio of SWIT friend Ole (also of The Loch Ness Mouse).

Tifa’s – Saddle Node Birfurcation & Widow Pigeon

Now this live session from Tifa’s is a pleasure from start to finish. Raphaël Chemin’s falsetto is superb, the songs are delightfully eccentric (Spike Milligan springs to mind from time to time), thoughtful, borderline-histrionic and oh so beautifully-played. I believe there is an album on the way, can’t wait! As an aside, in the mathematical area of bifurcation theory (look it up) a saddle-node bifurcation, tangential bifurcation or fold bifurcation is a local bifurcation in which two fixed points (or equilibria) of a dynamical system collide and annihilate each other.

Roan – Tell Me

“Tell Me” is the new single from Finnish young guns Roan. Sounding retro but not derivative this is a little bit of indie pop heaven, light as a breeze, I found myself whistling the tune on repeat after just one listen, currently unsigned outside of Japan I don’t imagine they will remain so for much longer.

LINDA GUILALA – Mucho Mejor (Elefant Records)

Turning the fairground organ up to 11, this is another dreamy, swirling spaced-out classic from SWIT favs LINDA GUILALA. The song builds to a sparkling crescendo around 2.20 and then freewheels back down to earth. Everything this band do is top class.

Hidden By The Grapes – A Minor Thought (Wohnzimmer Records)

Hidden By The Grapes hail from Graz, Austria. “A Minor Thought” is the 3rd single off our their 2017 LP “graben”. It’s a sombre, dark introspective song with a claustrophobic video to match. This one is a real grower, you will be hooked.

Alpaca Sports – Nobody Cares But Me (Elefant Records)

Our second Elefant Records artist of the week “Nobody Cares But Me” is a sublime and tremendously cool pop tune. The band have a terrific way with a melody, this is a lovely, bittersweet dream of indie-pop delight.

Xarim Aresté – Sedició (Bankrobber)

Reading a bit like a tale from Nikolai Gogol, with a brilliant video to match, Xarim Aresté’s ” Sedició” (Sedition) reflects on the recent turbulence in Catalonia via a historical family story. It is the story of someone who is not in politics, but whose life is derailed because of political events. It’s also a fabulous piece of folk/jazz, a musical Grand Guignol. Fantastic!

Los Hermanos Cubero – Sedició (El Segell del Primavera)

Los Hermanos Cubero produce a wonderful hybrid of Castilian folk and American roots music.”Lo Que Ni Yo Soñara” is a grief-tinged balad, heartfelt and beautifully played, Enrique Cubero’s vocals are powerful and affecting. The song is from the LP ““Quique dibuja la tristeza” which Enrique wrote in response to the untimely death of his wife from cancer and it is a record suffused with as much beauty as grief. It is a must listen.

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