Red Sleeping Beauty have invited us to the Matinée

Well the excitement is reaching fever pitch (?!!) here in SWIT towers. Gerry is out on the balcony playing keepy-uppy (without a ball!, don’t ask), we’ve installed a bar and I’ve styled my beard à la Brazilian legend Socrates. Our good friends Red Sleeping Beauty contacted us about their unofficial Swedish (150/1) anthem “Dressed In Yellow And Blue”, yes it’s another classic electro-pop tune, as we’ve come to expect and the lyrics sum up very neatly how we all feel when we have a team in this greatest of competitions. Don’t you know that a goal can change your life? Yes, yes we do. In fact, I’ve included the one that changed mine below. Even though the boys in green are not there this year, we’ll enjoy it just as much (or maybe even more).

“Dressed In Yellow And Blue” is one of five tracks on this rather delicious Official Matinée World Cup EP from California’s legendary Matinée Recordings. Red Sleeping Beauty are joined by Aussie (300/1) whimsicalists Last Leaves with the jaunty, terrace-chant inducing ‘Golden Days To Come’.

Seville’s duo The Royal Landscaping Society get all nostalgic when looking back to the astonishing Spanish (6/1) team that lifted the trophy in “2010”. Let’s hope they can avoid the absolute calamity of 4 years ago this time out!

Speaking of calamity, Brazil’s (9/2) Pale Sunday release their first song in six-years – ‘Dirt Pitch Superstars’, a pulsing, fuzztastic pop thrill. One can only think this Brazil side is a very different proposition than the team that fell apart last time out and they’re my pick for the cup (they always are, man I love those yellow shirts!)

Brighton’s The Popguns produce a trademark evocative beauty with ‘Red White And Blue’, asking “is it so unimaginable thinking we could win?” and it would almost make you believe that England (18/1) could, almost……. 🙂

The EP is officially released June 15,  you can order it now from the Matinee shop.

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