SWIT Sounds Abound #4

Another sunny day in paradise, another hot batch of tunes to add to our best of 2018, we kick off this week with

KEKA – Out Of The Water

Here is Fredrik Andersson a.k.a KEKA from Sweden with “Out Of The Water”, which is a dreamy, multi-layered sunshine-tinged melody. Lovely work! It does mention slaughter there as well… but I’m pretending I didn’t hear that.

Theodora – From The 7th Floor

As Anna Jean from Juniore said “She’s got incredible grace and something raw that I really enjoy. She’s a wonderful musician as well.” All evident in this pulsing, claustrophobic song. Love the video too.

Hoksimolla 혹시몰라 – 공항에서 (BGBG Records)

Translating as, I think, “At The Airport”/”Long Distance Relationship” this is a wistful, hauntingly beautiful ballad from the South Korean duo’s LP “Objects In The Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear”. Well worth your time.

Ljubliana & The Seawolf – Shit Dope (Bankrobber)

2nd time on SWIT – another menacing, original tune from the Catalans. Coming on like a modern-day PIL this is the aural equivalent of Hitchcock’s Vertigo, the video a “Wild Boys” for grownups, you might be smiling but it’s touched with madness. Shit Dope for real.

Abraham Murder – Random Perspectives

Abraham Murder is back with this blissful, drugged-up slice of electropop. It’s a sweet, sweet sound full of clever little touches. The SIMS/Second Life (remember that?) video is pretty funny too. This tune would fit perfectly on a GTA soundtrack!

The Perfect Kiss- Indebted To You (Elefant Records)

First cut from “Filter”, the new mini-LP by The Perfect Kiss. It’s another pristine retro synth-pop marvel, as we’ve come to expect from Joe Moore. It’s probably also the most beautiful protest song you’ll ever hear. Joe says “It’s written from the perspective of a young person who is always in debt, and ‘you’ refers to government/power/richer generation..”. Can’t wait to hear the record.

Emilie Nana – “I Rise” (Compost Records)

This is stunning. Emilie performs “I Rise” by Maya Angelou. This is a fierce challenge to oppression, a proud and defiant statement of power and change. As it says under the video “I RISE is the synonym for self-assertion, as a determined African black woman and an ode to inspiring women, throwing in their energy in order to transform themselves.” If you haven’t heard of Emilie before I strongly recommend you listen to everything she’s done, she is amazing!

Paulina Palmgren – “Fånet” (Birds Records)

Hailing from Uppsala, this is sophisticated Scandi-pop from Paulina. This is exactly what classic pop music should sound like – catchier than the common cold and way more fun. First time on SWIT, won’t be the last.

Voyageur – Tout commencera

At once sad and uplifting, both eulogy and hymn, “Tout commencera” is a beautiful, simple, affecting performance. The vocals are outstanding and may bring a tear to your eye. The accompanying film is quietly outstanding too (if such a thing is possible). Voyageur is Rémi Lelièvre and he is class.

The Love Coffin – Pure (Bad Afro Records)

What a way to finish, let’s get trashed with The Love Coffin. Cultish, noisy and set off by extravagant coiffeurs, “Pure” is a riot, coming on like the bastard love child of Ten Pole Tudor and The The. Now that can only be a good thing. Ain’t nothin’ pure about this motherfuckers. The song is from the Danish band’s upcoming album ‘Cloudlands’ out September 28th.

Right, that’s it – I’m orf.

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