Here comes the big noise. We are delighted to premiere “Victimizer” by Dallas Kalevala. The band takes their cue from some block rocking beats, the song is loud, dark and sweet, it makes you want to move your feet, it’s got that nineties (I think, I’ve been alive so long) sheen, and it’s catchy, it won’t let go. The video is quite extraordinary too, monster trucks and black blood. It’s the perfect foil for the tune.

I love this description of the song on the band’s FB “It’s a blue story about this cold, poor young man, hard as steel but still like an open wound in a white sand beach.”

Dallas Kalevala are Ville Malja & Jussi Matikainen, a new electronic rock duo consisting of a vocalist/guitarist and drummer of the most successful Finnish alternative rock acts LAPKO, a cornerstone of the modern rock scene in Finland.

Since forming in 2017 they have released 2 previous singles and have been touring around Finland, garnering great support from Finnish national radio.

“Victimizer”,  out on June 8th on Playground Music, is accompanied by a breathtaking video, directed by the visionary Viljami Eronen. It’s from their upcoming album, set to be released at the beginning of 2019, and is currently being mixed by the Daniel James Goodwin (Devo, Mike Patton, Norah Jones) in Woodstock, New York.

The band’s vocalist Ville Malja gives us this insight of what the new release is about:

”Victimizer is a song you can dance to. Overall it tells about the Satan living in all of us, and how anyone can pull a trigger and regret it for the rest of their lives. The song tells about the blood running through our veins, and instead of the colour red representing love, it symbolises lovelessness and destruction. The song asks if we have a spot that once we lose it we can never find back the feeling of warmth. If the spot is lost can you hear a cracking sound, does something break inside, and can we even feel it ourselves? It questions whether hate is a choice. You know, the same kind of life choice as yoga or vegetarianism.”

”The single artwork represents the pristine good in us, our faith in the future, and our ability to feel empathy towards others. It is interesting how so many of us are ready to shove those qualities just so they can get a quick high from something”, adds the duo’s other half Jussi Matikainen.

The boy head statue is called “hymypoika” – statue in Finnish. It means “smiling boy”. There is an old custom in schools in Finland to hand out this statue to the happiest, most positive person of the class. The “hymypoika” or “hymytyttö” is voted by other class members.

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