SWIT Sounds Abound #3


Gerry’s bonged off to Barcelona for the weekend to that Primavera Sound thing and I’ve been left here sniffing my own roses. Frankly, it’s how I like it, nobody saying “put the wine away”, “put the whiskey away”, “put the crack away”, put the….you get the picture. So I can honestly say I’ve been trying to post this since Thursday and really believed I had posted it on a number of occasions. I saw swans in the garden, herons in the attic, Jesus in my underwear…but.I digress. Here are some more great tunes. Ten big ones. Ten huge ones really. Gigantic. Lie down. Lie down. Wow!

Soft Regime – Lockdown (Elefant Records)

Lockdown is taken from SOFT REGIME’s excellent “Hard Feelings” Mini-LP. Think perfectly manicured, acid pop. Think ice pop. Think.

Grrrl Gang – Dream Grrrl (Kolibri)

She, she’s got a mean streak
She can kick your ass
Yeah, she can be your dream girl
She can be your dream girl

Another lo-fi gem from Indonesia. Lrrrrrrrve it.

XD Pro ft Tej Gill – “Crown & Coke” (Saavn)

I doubt you’ll hear anything else like this today, producers XD PRo team up with top man Tej Gil from Punjab to lay down some chilled Indian beats. Addictive.

Xavier Boyer – Sex & Dope & Futebol

Sounds like Xavier has his hands full, here’s he take on the beautiful game, not sure if he is suggesting you should all of these things at the same time. I see he was at the France v Ireland game earlier in the week. In my opinion, the last decent world cup was 1982..remember that French team? Platini, Giresse, Tigana, Rocheteau, Six…wow!! This funky mother is from From We Want 2 Wigoler’s new World Cup Compilation WOOTBALL 2018. Let the games begin!

Casper Skulls – Colour of the Outside

Jangular, angular Toronto’s Casper Skulls go for the jugular with this fine, fine artful indie rock tune. It’s from the very good LP called Mercy Works.

Lo Straniero – Seduta spiritica (La Tempesta)

Lo and behold. SWIT favs Lo Straniero return with another catchy, slick and distinctively Italian indie take. Has a band ever looked this good in leather?

Tsvetochnyui 15 – Blind

One of our favourite Russian groups is back with another alienated, disturbing and uncomfortable single. Prolific and menacing, the band with a thousand faces is not the one you want to bump into down a dark alleyway.

My Thinking Face- Today I woke up feeling New (My Dear Recordings)

Cathartic and atmospheric with standout vocals, the new single from My Thinking Face is their best yet, veering towards Americana with a little country nuance, it’s got a really lovely melody too. From their debut Album ‘Alone, Anyway’, out June 1st on My Dear Recordings.

HELLUVAH – La Fête (Dead Bees Records)

She’s back, SWIT fav Helluvah returns with this addictively dark and superbly catchy keyboard driven masterclass. Been meaning to post this for ages, it’s class.

Schlammpeitziger – Kandierter Jammerlochlappen (Bureau B)

Something really special to end, this geometrically perfect electronic rumination by Cologne’s Schlammpeitziger, from the new album “Damenbartblick auf Pregnant Hill” out on the dependency excellent Bureau B.

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