SWIT Premiere: Tom Wu – All You Want

Tom Wu – All You Want

We are delighted to premiere the stream of professional provocateur Tom Wu’s new LP. “All You Want” (Cut Surface) is a frenetic, tantalizing trip through the dark underworld of Wu. Tom sings, plays the drums and the synthesizers all at once and the effect is mesmerising, giving the songs a tightly-coiled synchronicity as they spin out into the ether.

What might appear faintly ridiculous in the daylight is wholly degenerate by night, for you’ll never catch him in the sunshine, he is a creature of the shadows, of the sodium glare and the glitterball alley. The music has a sharp new wave edge, the beauty and menace of early Human League, the cold erotic charge of Propaganda, the slutty insouciance of Soft Cell, the creative madness of Sparks. It’s a forbidden kiss with a masked stranger, a never-ending dance presided over by Tom Wu, the wicked and irresistible Satyr.

The cover of Chuck Berry’s “Memphis Tennessee” adds layers of menace and desperation….”Marie is only six years old”…”Please, Baby, Smile” is the music box dance from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the please is an order, not a request. Something wicked this way comes. “Cocaine Champagne” is a juddering, uneasy trip, beauty on the edge of the abyss. Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for “Johnny Doe” – an execution with a cheeky cockney grin. The cyberpunked “Wintermute” I think is my favourite, a single line straddling pain and pleasure. . “All You Want” is a woozy, dizzy treatise on sexual desire and so it goes.

Tom hails from Munich, a shining beacon of the German underground and a city we feature regularly -a scene that has given us such diverse acts (and SWIT favs) as beißpony, Pollyester, Friends of Gas, Leroy, Angela Aux and many more. He has performed as a drummer with Kamerakino, Das Weiße Pferd, Parasyte Woman and Honky Tonk Movement to name but a few. He’s got some wonderful guests on board too -The Notwist’s Micha Acher (trumpet on “All You Want“), Dizzy Errol (vocals & guitar on “Memphis, Tennessee“) and ex-Franz Ferdinand member Nick McCarthy (guitar on “Cocaine Champagne“).

Forgive him father for he knows not what he’s done. Tom Wu is a dark star. Let him suck you in.

Photo by Fabian Beger; Cover by Anna McCarthy.

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