S.W.I.M on S.W.I.T


Someone Who Isn’t Me – Gomenaki

Someone Who Isn’t Me (aka S.W.I.M.) is a new music project by three women in Athens, Loo, Maria & Gina. They make beautifully off-kilter organic, synth-laden pop songs and this is their second time on SWIT. Their first 7 inch “Stop & Remember” (featuring Σtella) was released by Inner Ear Records and continues to be a big fav of mine. Now they return with the even better “Gomenaki” on Amour Records.

Maria Hatzakou from the band is also a film producer with Haos Film in Athens. The band worked with queer filmmaker Alkis Papastathopoulos for two years to make the excellent short film/video for “Gomenaki” and as you can see it was well worth the time and effort. It’s a fantasy anchored firmly in reality, it reminds me strongly of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”….Zack is seventeen. School seems tough and love even tougher. One day Zach discovers their favorite band is throwing a pool party in the area. The goal is easy: Reach the party and find happiness. The challenge a bit harder: Overcome your nemesis and find out where your heart is. Be a gomenáki. They say it’s a “femme for femme love story that takes revenge on toxic masculinity and challenges the classic high school drama proposing an alternative narrative.”

Director Alkis adds

“The word “gomenaki” is a rather controversial term that is used to express lust and desire in an adorable way while at the same time is being used by macho men to catcall on the streets. My inspiration was drawn by the song’s lyrics and also by the intention of the band and myself to reclaim the term and give it our own sweet and caressing meaning. And that’s how the character of gomenaki was made: A 17 years old non-boy non-girl but a rather unique person that their transformation (a leap of faith) gives them what they most desire. Makes them shine like hot stuff, like the most desired babe, like a unicorn, like a true gomenaki. In that sense, I decide to make a femme for femme love story that takes revenge on toxic masculinity and challenges the classic high school drama proposing an alternative narrative.

The lyrics work as the dialogue of the characters in the filmmaking this project a hybrid between a music video and a short film. This very low budget film was shot in a very DIY way and was made with lots of faith, courage and support from everyone who worked in it. The characters were played by non-actors and the wonderful crew that worked was 90% female, which created an awesome – like no other – energy on set.

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