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Lonesome Hot Dudes – Books/Obey (Cut Surface)

Agitpop blooms in the fields of Graz. Here is the new double A-side by in your face, anti-capitalism, anti-fascist, pro-tune, pro-noise, super pro-saxophone BAND OF RESISTERS that go by the name Lonesome Hot Dudes. Sounding wonderfully untamed, discordant, caustic, direct and downright funny – this is music made with real feeling and a joy for creation. Did I mention the saxophone?!

OBEY is a sharp and serious commentary on “No means no”. Books is about…er..Books. The validity of perception and…”, is an encouraging appeal for self-empowerment that does away with the ‘feminist by nature’ myths”. We dig.

Speaking of Lonesome Hot Dudes, Gerry just walked into the office….hahahahahahahaha.

YouTube 2018 Playlist

Photo by Gudrun Gudrin Beckher.

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