I’m sure that a magus* will build a temple to Vegas


Vegas – End of the World

“End of the World” is the melodic, sleek, brooding debut by Vegas on Better Call Rob. Coming on like a lost eighties masterpiece, blending Propaganda, The Bad Seeds and much more it’s a pretty fine way to introduce yourself to the world and another great find for Robert Heitmann’s label.

Vegas is the alias of Berlin based artist Sarina Giffhorn, she writes and produces herself, as well as creating the surreal dream worlds in the visual translation of her music. The single is accompanied by a VR video – a haunting 360° performance brought to life through CGI and 3D objects. Enigmatic! (SWIT’s word of the week).

*Magus – a member of a hereditary priestly class among the ancient Medes and Persians.



Photo by Marie Haefner.

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