Not many musicians could ape Fricot


Dom Fricot – Echoes

Vancouver native Dom Fricot wrote to us “I just put out a new music video for the track ECHOES. The video follows two mischievous youngsters in the streets of Kathmandu, Nepal. Shot and produced by Dwight Jantzi of Fishtank Films, this work is probably one of my favourite projects to be a part of to date.”

The song itself is a warm, emotional evocation of childhood memories and it’s a perfect soundtrack for the beautifully shot film, a joyous ramble through the streets and across the rooftops. I can’t recommend this highly enough, please have a look/listen – it will put a smile on your face and might even bring a tear to your eye.

“Echoes” is from “Deserts”, part 1 of a trilogy, Dom will be releasing Parts 2 and 3 very shortly on Knight Vision Records.



Photo by Justin Broadbent

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