The bear traverses parallel universes invented by Curxes, check out their new verses. Not suitable for nurses.

Curxes – The Stars, Like Dust

I am a sucker for electronic music and for sci-fi and when you get both together well it’s a match made in the heavens, isn’t it? “The Stars, Like Dust” is Curxes glacial, foreboding successor to “In Your Neighbourhood”, and it’s an altogether darker affair. Luxuriating in dissonance, conjuring disorientation and anxiety it shines with an inner beauty for a’ that. Roberta’s vocals are, as always, the highlight.

The spaced-out video is directed by Rob Luckins Travelling Photographic Studio with camera co-pilot Tim Connell. It features a chihuahua, hoarded space junk and a bear in space, who nobody can hear screaming. I was betting on the dog attempting a daring rescue but I was mistaken, or was I? “The Stars, Like Dust” is also a 1951 science fiction mystery book by American writer Isaac Asimov and Asimov himself once called it his “least favourite novel.” This is not, to be clear, our least-favourite Curxes song.

The song is from the highly recommendable ‘Gilded Cage’, you can check it all on bandcamp.


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