When you hear one Cinder Well you’ll want to hear Cinder eile.

Cinder Well – Insulation of the Silence

There’s nothing like a dark, strange and wonderful song to shock you out of the mundanity of a Monday morning, not long after Christ has risen and there’s nothing to look forward to but the long stretch in the evenings, the creeping warmth of the churning seasons and the spring bursting forth in its gentle cacophony. Bliss. I, as yet, don’t know much about Cinder Well – I do read “Cinder Well is the haunting folk project of singer and multi-instrumentalist Amelia Baker” and this is the simply breath-taking live recording of “Insulation of the Silence”, filmed in “a beautiful barn in Olympia, Washington”. How apropos. Grant Wood and James Whistler spring immediately to mind. The new LP, The Unconscious Echo”, is released in May and I hope to hear it very soon.


Photo: Carter Murdoch

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