Have Tuath been smoking the pipsissewa?


Tuath -I’m Sorry Young Man

“It was the drugs
Now everything is fucked”

Late breaking news, very late acturally. How late it was how late (great book, read it). So, Tuath have (has?) a fantastic new EP “Youth” out since the beginning of March which I thought I’d posted already – it was the drugs, I’m sorry young man. Still, here it is and better late and all that rot. Specifically here is the video for “I’m Sorry Young Man” from said ep – it’s a tripped-out echo-chamber suffused with regret. It’s heavy on the miracle Harry. It’s a come-down special. It’s the last night in Prague when the fridge is talking to you and your Aran sweater is issuing veiled threats. It’s another brilliant tune from Ireland’s best band.

Here’s the EP too, it’s all good



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