SWIT Premiere: savedhistory – las drogas son (no) buenas para ti

savedhistory – las drogas son (no) buenas para ti

savedhistory is the mysterious Nadine G (Nads) from Manila. On her Bandcamp page, it simply says “for odd people”. That’s Gerry taken care of. We’re delighted to premiere her new EP “las drogas son (no) buenas para ti”. The songs are short, dreamlike and enigmatic. Ghostly vocals are overlayed by chiming guitars and feral electronics. They come on like watercolour sketches, outlines,  gloriously unfinished. The overall effect is enchanting indeed.   Nads is our first artist from the  Philippines which is pretty cool.  She says “I make bedroom pop music.  but previously I used to make dark ambient & experimental music for a local label called ET netlabel. As of now I’m releasing a new EP.  I’m also signed to a new DIY label called Mount Seldom Records and will be releasing tapes soon. Mount Seldom Records is an independent record label from Eugene, Oregon. We love Eugene.  It’s Palm Sunday. High fives all round!

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  1. Matthias says:

    Such an amazing artist from manila

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