I played Annabel Lee to my wild plum tree (it died)

Annabel Lee – Picked Last In Gym Class

Hey, I was one of those kids who always ended up in goal, in fact, I was so bad that teams used to fight NOT to have me on their team. It sucks, so I completely identify with Annabel Lee’s new single “Picked Last In Gym Class”, it’s a wonderfully downbeat evocation of that high school ennui and it’s a great song to boot. I think I probably did want to kill all the jocks too at the time, I don’t want to kill most of them anymore. That’s called personal growth motherfuckers. It’s the first single from Annabel Lee’s (aka Audrey Marot) solo album “Little Sad And Not So Sad Songs”, out on March 23 on Luik Records.

Annabel Lee is a Brussels-based band that mixes garage, pop and punk. They say – “Little Sad And Not So Sad Songs”, is introspective, minimalistic and brutal. Her album contains 11 sketches about small moments in life. Captured with a cassette recorder, at home, during the winter, at the corner of a tedious radiator. With breath, false notes, creaky chairs and all kinds of imperfections. Everyday life, boredom, and loneliness.

I’m looking forward to hearing it and will be deciding which, if any, of my radiators are tedious. I have a strong suspicion they might all be.

YouTube Playlist 2018


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