February Fried

Spring Snow [excerpt]

by William Matthews

And here comes snow, a language
in which no word is ever repeated,
love is impossible, and remorse. . . .
Yet childhood doesn’t end,

but accumulates, each memory
knit to the next, and the fields
become one field. If to die is to lose
all detail, then death is not

so distinguished, but a profusion
of detail, a last gossip, character
passed wholly into fate and fate
in flecks, like dust, like flour, like snow.

February, busy month wasn’t it?

Got snowed in with The Beast From The East
While making bread with a fresh block of yeast,
My sanity was saved by these tunes at least
So open up your lugs and have a feast

I’m kneading to hear

KMET, Nilein, Tony Blaster, Red Sleeping Beauty, Sophie Lillienne, Fun Fare, Taavi-Peeter Liiv, Orouni, The Slow Voyage, Danielle Duval, Cloud, Frankie Animal, Puunhalaaja, Marshall Cecil, Elephants On Tape, The Ghost Of Helags, CROATIAxx, Just Friends And Lovers, Yuzima, Pityofthesea, Tango With Lions and Loma!!

We featured two rather spiffing longer players too “INTERPUNKTION” by The BV and “You could not have given the slightest of fucks” by Jonny Shitbag & The Smokes

We had three interviews with a brace of really wonderful artists – namely Gabi from My Magical Glowing Lens, Markus and Lisa from Elephants On Tape and Niklas from Red Sleeping Beauty!

OK, time marches on. Back soon 🙂

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