Super World Interview Time: It’s our civic duty to present the new Red Sleeping Beauty, it’s loved by Therapeutae

Red Sleeping Beauty – Top Love

SWIT favourites and legendary indie magicians Red Sleeping Beauty have today released their wonderfully rhyme-tastic Yazoo-inspired single “Top Love”. We caught up with Niklas from the band to see what’s been going down, how his cat Morris is and he found time to recommend a few other artists to us too – namely Henning, Club 8 and another SWIT fav Holy Now. How he finds time for all this and his new hobby(soufflé making) we can only imagine.

Is it true that SWIT’s blistering rhymes inspired the lyrics for “Top Love”?

Haha. No, you can’t take the credit for that. Sometimes, when you are at your very most creative you can rhyme Netflix with cake mix and kitchen with bitching. It’s very rare, but it does happen, like on Top Love.

Tell us about the new song – why the Yazoo/Yaz angle?

 I am a huge Yazoo / Yaz fan since my childhood when I listened non stop to everything Vince Clarke did. (I am one of I assume few people who prefer the first Depeche Mode album over all the others.) I still think Nobody’s Diary is one of the greatest songs ever and am still surprised by how cool and modern the two Yazoo albums sounds. On Top Love we use a Repro-1 preset called YazzLead, which sounds like something straight off Don’t Go. LOVE IT!

Is this the precursor to a new LP?

Yes! We have at least a dozen new songs in the making. Our idea is to release three classic pop singles during the spring and summer and then a new album in the fall or possibly winter. We are very excited about our new songs and the fact that we work with sound genius Tomas Bodén (who mixed the latest The Radio Dept album and single). It will be our best ever album.

What’s been happening since we last spoke in 2016?

We released a single (We are Magic) in December 2016 and after that, we worked intensely on the new album, which we initially planned to release in 2017. After two songs disappeared in a Dropbox accident (very frustrating!), we lost a bit of energy and inspiration, but now we are back at full steam again.

Do you intend to stay electronic?

Nothing lasts forever, I guess, but at present, we love our electronic sound. The songs are not that different though, many of them work really well on an acoustic guitar, and to me, the song and the melody is always the most important thing, not the “packaging”.

Tell us the coolest new song you’ve heard recently.

I will give you three – “Galileo” by Henning, a 29-year old Swede, who sounds exactly like early Dire Straits (which, believe it or not is a great thing). “Silence” by Club 8 – My brother Johan is in Club 8 (and a thousand other bands including my other band Acid House Kings). Their new album sounds really interesting and cool and this is my favourite song off the album and “Feel It All” by Holy Now. This does not sound cool at all, but sometimes a simple new pop song is all you need.

Henning & Holy Now

Club 8

What’s the best phrase you’ve picked up in another language?

I have a t-shirt that says Bonito del Norte. I have learnt it’s the Spanish word for a certain type of tuna fish but, literally, means “beauty of the north”. Coming from the north I wear it to flatter myself.

How is Morris? Could you send us another photograph of him (he’s so cute)?

Morris is very well 🙂

Which of these activities are you most likely to be found doing: (a) making a soufflé, (b) tinkering with a motorbike, (c) doing the ironing, (d) putting up shelves?

Definitely (a) making a soufflé. I have zero interest in or  talent for motorbike tinkering, ironing or putting up shelves. Cooking, on the other hand, I am quite fond of. Never made a soufflé, though.

Does the path of excess lead to the palace of wisdom?

Had to Google this quote. If William Blake means that by doing “too much” of something, then you know that is is, in fact, too much, of course he is right. There might be better ways to that same wisdom.

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