SWIT’s Long(ish) Player Of The Week: The BV’s – “”INTERPUNKTION”


Supertalented The BV’s won our coveted Long Player Of The Week last time they were on SWIT. In the 2.5 years we’ve been sailing on this good ship, no band had dared claim that accolade more than once. Well folks that’s all about to change because WOW. They’ve only gone and blown the bloody doors off. Yes their new EP “INTERPUNKTION” is just a bit special. Hey, the only thing wrong with this record is that it’s too short. Opener “Be Enough” is more than enough, It’s Cattle And Cane-esque jangle-pop perfection, it’s so beautiful it will make you cry. “Dazed Hair” is altogether darker but just as sweet in its melancholy way, the singer hides behind a velvet curtain. The last 3 tracks are all instrumental. “»»»»»»»»»” (crazy title, crazy guys) is an aeroplane in flight. “`´`´`´`´`´” an exciting and pretty fine impression of The Luxembourg Signal and closer “B../” is a gently insistent reminder of all that went before. One more thing, the playing throughout is an absolute delight, adding another level of sophistication and artistry to last year’s debut. It’s out now on Augsburg label Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten.

To promote the EP, The BV’s will be playing with mythical English band The Monochrome Set at City Club in Augsburg on 23rd February, followed by a set at Madrid Popfest in March, alongside BMX Bandits, Eggstone and The Tuts.

Photo – Bastain Sunkel

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