Fun Fare are a barrel of laughs.

Fun Fare – Angry Colour

“Angry Colour” is the new single by Fun Fare, taken from the “hot off the presses” LP “Trifles & Events Are Your Concern”, just out on Späti Palace.

Fun Fare is an experimental-pop lab peopled by top sound scientists, Friedrich Günther, Julia Boehme, Joseph Heinze and Jakob Zander who all hail from Leipzig. We are getting a lot of Leipzig lately and we’re all the better for it. “Angry Colour” is insistently serious, art pop of a very high order indeed. Sounding incredibly primal, wonderfully rhythmic and even deliciously oriental at times, it’s a triumph of talent over artifice. Like Felt, early Cure or Siouxie? You’ll LOVE this.

The band found the album title in a fortune cookie. Speaking of Trifle – I make mine without jelly and throw in half a bottle (at least) of sherry. Is that sacrilege?

Here is said album also, I have just had a quick listen but loving it so far.

YouTube 2018 Playlist

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