Who needs George Clooney when we have Orouni?

Orouni – No Features

Orouni put pen to paper (metaphorically speaking) and sent us the following massive missive

“Hey Tom,

How are you?

I wanted to tell you about our new song, “No Features”, premiered by French leading magazine Technikart. It is an homage to my favorite radio hosts and singers. It also tackles the power of human voices and the discrepancy between sound and vision. A studio version of this track will be on our new album (due in 2018).



Well, what a beautiful song and performance it is. Trademark Orouni, thoughtful words and understated melody, suffused with nostalgia. The band is, as usual, outstanding. It took me back to my own childhood, lost in the mists of time, listening to discs on my sister’s portable mono record player – The Kinks, Eddy Grant & The Equals, Love Affair and Cat Stevens to name but a few. I remember in particular “Oh Very Young” by Cat, his was probably the first singer’s voice that I loved and still do. Of course in those days there was no such thing as music magazines in the west of Ireland and our Cat Stevens Greatest Hits LP did not have a photo of the artist on it, so I formed my own vision of what he looked like. Imagine my surprise, to discover a few years later that he wasn’t actually a cat! Please forgive me, I have the flu and am possibly hallucinating.

YouTube 2018 Playlist

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