Frankie Animal : Play Misty For Me

Frankie Animal – (Can’t Keep Calling) Misty

It’s Valentine’s* day, a day for peering down the barrel of a whiskey bottle at all your good intentions. A day for staying in bed, with the blinds drawn, where the only noise is the voice in your head directing you back down the boulevard of broken dreams. Hey, it looks like Frankie Animal can relate. And don’t that boy wear his heart on his sleeve? “(Can’t Keep Calling) Misty” is the smart, funked-up, poptastic take on the disintegration of Frankie Animal, the broken heart begets the broken man, as it clearly illustrated by the excellent self-directed video. Love the vocals and the guitar breakdown is just about perfect. So throw away your blues, whack this on the stereo and pack up your troubles in your old kit bag.

Frankie Animal are Marie M. Vaigla (vocals), Jonas Kaarnamets (guitar), Jan-Christopher Soovik (bass) and Mikk Simson (sticks) and they hail from Tallinn, Estonia.

*St. Valentine, the patron saint of love, was executed in Rome in the 3rd century. Much later, an Irish priest was granted permission to exhume his remains, and now his skeleton lies under Whitefriar Church in Dublin. Now, lonely Irish people turn up at his site every St. Valentine’s looking for help in finding that special one.

“God has someone in mind for me, and I obviously haven’t met him yet. So I just hope that Saint Valentine will assist me, that I will find him,” said one female visitor. To this end, the priests of Whitefriars have installed both “Tinder” and “Grindr” booths on each side of the saint’s statue, which is nice.

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