SWIT PREMIERE: Just Friends And Lovers – Manners

Just Friends And Lovers – Manners

We’re honoured to premiere the latest single from Austria’s Just Friends and Lovers. We featured the other side of this – Spit It Out – last year and we’ve waited what seems like a year for this moment (10 months to be precise). Reference wise this reminds me of The Specials – clever catchy intelligent pop music and the fab video? Some of the stunts in it (walking backwards off a bench for example) look quite dangerous but I’m assured the band survived. Great tune guys.

Here’s what the band had to say

“Manners” is one of two songs pressed on Just Friend and Lovers’ “Manners/ Spit it Out”-EP which was released in April 2017 by Numavi Records. The video was shot on one Viennese autumn day in 2017 by Theresa Adamski. It is the 4th music video the multi-tasking D.I.Y. artist did with the band. She thought it was fun to make the three women* around thirty run with an attitude. Theresa is related with Just Friends and Lovers in various ways: family-wise she is the sister of Veronika, who sings the lead vocals and plays bass in “manners”, bandwise she and Lina, who plays guitar in the song, are mates in the art punk project “Lady Lynch”.
The music of “Manners” is written by Just Friends And Lovers (Lina Gärtner, Magdalena Gasser, Veronika Adamski), lyrics by Magdalena (who is playing drums and singing backing vocals in the song) with a little finishing from the others. The song was recorded & mixed by Christian Sundl (Lady Lynch drummer, wilhelm show me the major label) and mastered by Mario Zangl (numavi records, bassist of Mile Me Deaf, Melt Downer, Bird of the year).

2018 YouTube Playlist

Spotify Playlist

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