I’m high on Loma

Loma – Joy

I love Shearwater for many reasons – here are 3 –

1) They made one of my favourite records ever – “Jet Plane and Oxbow”, it got 7.5 on Pitchfork but what the fuck do they know? It got 10 SWITS out of 10 on SWIT. In fact, we thought about ramping the old SWITometer up to 15 just for the occasion.
2) I sat down on the platform in Hazelhatch station on January 10th 2016 and cried my eyes out, the news had just come over. In the following two years, there have been some well dodgy “tributes” to David Bowie and a general lack of decorum and respect on display from people who should know better. Shearwater, however, were not amongst that number. The “Shearwater Plays Lodger” album is the real deal. Check it out.
3) Their dismay at and hatred for Donald Trump.

Now here’s a 4th – “Joy” by Loma. Loma is a new band, members being Shearwater’s Jonathan Meiburg, and Emily Cross and Dan Duszynski of Cross Record – Their self-titled debut LP is out February 16 on Sub Pop. Joy is contemplative, reverential, dramatic and simply beautiful. The vocals are wonderful. So, a first reason to love Loma and the first song I have heard by them.

Here are two more reasons – the previous 2 singles – Relay Runner & Black Willow. The LP promises to be something special indeed.

YouTube 2018 Playlist

Spotify 2018 Playlist

Photo: Bryan C. Parker

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