Lost in space with Tsvetochnyui 15.

Tsvetochnyui 15 – Debut length “Friends Team”.

Many years ago I went to Jamaica and spent a couple of great weeks hanging around a little town called Port Antonio with a langer from Cork, Danny DeVito’s agent and a Swiss guy who came 5th in the World Disco Dancing Championships. The local nightclub was called “The Roof” and our Swiss friend would say every evening “Let’s hit The Roof” (oh how we laughed). Well, one night as I sat in the corner, sipping languidly on my Pina Colada, an exceptionally beautiful woman took a seat beside me. She turned and said, “You remind me of that actor from the Jame Bond movies”. Chuffed and not a little surprised, but making allowances for the dark nightclub ambience, I replied “Roger Moore?”. “No, the other one – Jaws” (look it up).

So, listen, a slight digression but something of the atmosphere in the new single “Un Dècompte” by Tsvetochnyui 15 brought me back to Moonraker. I’m hypnotised. The film is completely enthralling, menacing, touched by madness and beauty.The camera loves his face, floating, lost in space. It’s a countdown, but to what? Salvation or desecration? You tell me. I watch it again and again. I’m a hopeless case. This is astonishing.

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Spotify 2018 Playlist

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