I’m wearing a mankini, drinking a martini and listening to Beatrice Antolini

Beatrice Antolini – Forget To Be

The weather took a surprising turn for the better so before you could say “Jack Benny” I slipped into my mankini, mixed a martini (shaken not stirred) and hopped out on the SWIT terrace (overlooking Dublin Castle). And the soundtrack to my midday loucheness*? Why it’s the wonderful new and wildly inventive “Forget To Be” by Beatrice Antolini on our favourite Italian label, La Tempesta. Beatrice performs synths, piano, guitar, bass, drums, voice and electronic programming and arrangement. Wow! What a fucking tune! Worth another 4 or 5 martinis at least. Love the video too, directed and edited by Filo Baietti. People are looking up here and screaming. I had no idea I was so popular.

*Louche ultimately comes from the Latin word luscus, meaning “blind in one eye or “having poor sight.” This Latin term gave rise to the French louche, meaning “squinting” or “cross-eyed.” The French (who else?) gave their term a figurative sense as well, taking that squinty look to mean “shady” or “devious.”

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