SWIT Long Player Of The Week: beißpony – Beasts and Loners

Listen, I’m a cat person, like majorly and I have to say I don’t take kindly to people who are agin them. But in this case, I”m prepared to make the exception. “Throw A Dog A Bone” is one very fine song among many on the excellent new LP “Beasts And Loners” (Rag Treasure) by one of our favourite acts – Beißpony.

beisspony : Throw A Dog A Bone from Klaus Erich Dietl on Vimeo.

Chock full of proper tunes, caustic humour, delicious duologues, some serious messages, literate, off-kilter lyrics and sweet instrumentation the record is a joy from start to finish.

beißpony are Stephanie and Laura and first came to our attention via the amazing ALLIGATOR GOZAIMASU collaboration, one of our favourite albums ever. The wild invention continues unhindered on the new record. Most of the songs were recorded at the MEDIENDIENST LEISTUNGSHÖLLE and at the underground DIY venue KAFE KULT in Munich.

The songs feature Michael Krogmann’s double bass, Martin Majewski’s trumpet, Josip Pavlov’s guitar, Wolfi Schlick’s tuba, Neil Vaggers’ trombone, Herbert Schneider ‘s drums, sitar and tabla, Mirjam Stutzmann’s accordion, and Martina Taubenberger’s clarinet, German flute, and sax – and a whole host of choir singers (including Max Amling, Florian a. Betz, Klaus Erich Dietl, Moni Kliche, Katharina Wilczek, Tobias Wullert ) on the album closer Up In Arms.

Give it a spin, I doubt you’ll have a more exhilarating ride in 2018.

Cover Art by Klaus Erich Dietl

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