UTO: It’s takes a bus load of witches to get by

UTO – That Itch

I think we’ve posted the same song more than once on two occasions and we only do that if it’s an absolutely brilliant tune and it’s got like a new video or whatever the fuck. So make it three times now – this is the new video for “That Itch” by our band of 2017 – none other than the bloody wonderful UTO. It’s from their recently magical and adjacently wonderful debut EP which they had the temerity to call “Shelter For The Broken” (Pain Surprises). Cheeky blighters.

The rakish and electrifying video brings forth the exclamation “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” It reminds me that many years ago a coven of witches lived near us in the countryside on the west coast of Ireland, nicer people you couldn’t meet. I was on the service bus to Castlebar one day and who should climb in and sit beside me but one of the coven and I swear to Jesus she literally disappeared into thin air, mid-conversation, right in front of my Catholic eyes. Thinking back that happens a lot with normal people too. Maybe I should shut the fuck up.

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Photo by Jacques-Henri Heim

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