Your life will be fuller with Color Dolor

Color Dolor – Revolution

“Banger” usually signifies “sausage” to me, only very rarely does it apply to a song in my opinion, in a good way anyway. I can say “Revolution” by Color Dolor is the rare exception. It’s a perfect expression of the personal revolution that happens when you find real friendship when shared visions and the power of two becomes so much more than the power of one. I don’t know if Jeremy Corbyn can take some time away from his grime collection to have a listen but I strongly recommend he does. This song has momentum. I can imagine the joyful cacophony this song will illicit in so many clubs (don’t get me wrong, I never go out). In summary, great tune, magnificent joie de vivre. Banger par excellence.

Color Dolor is (now) duo Stina and guitarist-producer Leissi. They just signed to top top Finnish label Soliti to bring you their third LP “Love” in the Spring. Everybody’s happy innit.

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