Black Kids are back kids.

Black Kids – Obligatory Drugs

By complete chance I decided to look up Black Kids today and nearly fell off my chair when I saw they had actually released something new. You see I completely adored this band’s debut album. I think it’s one of the greatest records ever recorded containing a run of singles to match any other band you think of.(The LPs called Partie Traumatic and you should check it out immediately if you don’t know it) Thankfully I caught them twice in 2008 in Ireland with my better half (Another mega fan) and one of my best friends. The three of us thought these guys are going to be absolutely massive and how great it was catching them in smaller venues before they ended up playing arenas. Then NOTHING! They went off air that is until last September. So almost hot off the press(!) and after only one listen of their current album – Rookie – here’s the absolutely amazing Obligatory Drugs! Welcome back to the amazing Black Kids.

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