Woods End it be good to be in your shoes

Woods End – Firewood

Woods End got in touch with us and I’m glad they did.This is superb.I adore the album cover too. I asked the guys for some words on it

Well, the track is a slower, heavier tune inspired by 16 Horsepower, depicting the struggle of keeping warm during the long winters of the north.The album itself was recorded in a makeshift studio by the Baltic Sea (the banjo was recorded in a sauna, for instance).
The whole thing is a available at Bandcamp with free downloads (name your price).As of now, we’re finishing up our second effort, which will be released during the spring and available via Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes etc.

So looking forward to album 2. In the meantime check this out guys

Weekly Playlist

Spotify 2018

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  1. woodsendband says:

    Reblogged this on Woods End and commented:
    The good people at SWIT took a listen to our track “Firewood”. Thank you for the kind words!


  2. woodsendband says:

    Thanks once again, guys!


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