Down in the underground with Bertrand Burgalat

Bertrand Burgalat – Tombeau pour David Bowie

It’s hard to believe it’s been two years, I still sit at my ramshackle desk here in SWIT Towers and expect David to come striding in with an “Oi mate sign this non-disclosure agreement innit, we’re gonna record a new secret album and take the musical world by storm, luvaduck. One thing guvnor, if that Robert Fripp calls tell him I’m on ‘olidays, right ,gotta run lovely.” He really spoke like that. And off he’d go with a wicked grin and a spring in his step, his smart chapeau tilted at a rakish angle. This beautiful homage– “Tombeau pour David Bowie” (Tricatel) by the inestimably wonderful Bertrand Burgalat brought it all flooding back. It’s taken from his 2017 LP “Les choses qu’on ne peut dire à personne” (Tricatel) which is a brilliant piece of work entirely. We’ll keep waiting, we know he’s coming back, maybe tomorrow, maybe in five years but we will meet again.

YouTube Playlist 2018

Spotify 2018

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