SWIT’s Top 10 of 2017 chosen by SwitGerry.

Hi! Here’s my top tunes of 2017 that we’ve featured on SWIT. It’s been a real labour of love discovering all this great music and running the blog with Tom is an absolute pleasure. Thanks to all the artists,labels and promoters who’ve contributed to the site with their music,interviews and art work and we wish you all continued success in 2018. Happy New Year everyone.
Take care,

Faon Faon – Mariel – From early in 2017 this has one of the best middle eight’s I’ve ever heard. Super tune that I’ve listened to nearly every day in 2017

Lizette Lizette – Easy Street – 2nd tune I’ve featured in the end of year list from Lizette Lizette. She should be massive in 2018

Pugwash – What are you like – Lojinx – Single off Pugwash’s latest album. Probably Ireland’s finest songwriter at this moment.

Скорости нет(Slava KPSS), Овсянки – Ненужный – Love this track. Not sure what it’s about but the backing music reminds me of Fascination Street by The Cure. Fab.

Sin Fang, Sóley & Örvar Smárason – Tennis – Morr Music – An Indie supergroup. These guys released 12 excellent singles in 2017. This was the pick of the bunch for me.

Peter Bjärgö – You Let the Light Shine Through – Cyclic Law – Stunning goth masterpiece.
Laboratorium Pieśni – Zabilili Sniżki – Amazing vocal group performing traditional East European tunes.Superb

Cajsa Siik – Empire Mine – Birds Records – Wonderful pop tune from Cajsa Siik. I adore the muffled backing vocals. Great hook.

Wanda – La Ora Di Morta – Problembär Records ( I know this was 2014 but only heard it this year!) – Just a really great tune. have to check out more of their new music.

Spirit Fest – Rain Rain – Morr Music – Another supergroup featuring members of Tenniscoats ,Notwist, Jam Money and Joasihno. A level of songwriting up there with The Go-Betweens (insert any serious band here). Amazing.

UTO – The Beast – Pain Surprises – Both Tom and I agree that this is one of the best tunes we heard all year. My 6 and 7 year old boys have been singling it all Christmas. Can’t get much bigger praise than that.



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