SWIT’s Top 10 of 2017 #1

And so it comes to this, choosing 10* amazing songs from a year of amazing songs. We got something going on, thanks to Gerry for being such a congenial co-host here on Super World Indie Tunes, he’s a class act, so class. Anyhows here’s my ultra top tunes from 2017, in no particular order because every single song here is a complete gem in its own right. It’s a privilege and a pleasure to know these tunes and artists. Here’s to more great music in 2018.

*it’s 11 songs but it just goes to show…I can’t count.

UTO – The Beast (Pain Surprises). Clever Polly and the not so stupid wolf.
Dieter von Deurne & The Politics – I’m On Trial (Morr Music). Gulity as charged m’lud.
Kraków Loves Adana – American Boy (Better Call Rob / Rough Trade). Aim. Fire. Burn. 
Die Heiterkeit – Die Kälte (Buback Tonträger). To have lived is not enough for them. They have to talk about it.
Baby Guru – Tell Me What You’re Made Of (Inner Ear Records). Sugar and spice and all things nice. You must watch the video.
Safetalk – Universal. Dancefloor metaphysics, earworm of the year.
SALE GOSSE – DIA (Luik Records). Fuck you, fuck me, fuck!!!!!! What a song.
Husky – Ghost (Liberation Records). I’m a sucker for this tune, just perfect.
S.L.Y.C. – We move to make new words (Metronomicon). Pristine English folk. From Scandinavia.
Wy – Bathrooms (Hybris Rec/Better Call Rob). Album of the year.
Ennanga Vision – Like a Football (Soundway Records). The shoot, they score.

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