SWIT’S Best Of 2017 #7

The Magnificent Seventh installment of our BEST OF 2017

THE PERFECT KISS – Disconnect (Elefant Records) – The perfect tune

Dog Whistle – Boro Boro Origin of the species

Juniore – Antoine (Le Phonographe) Senior songwriters

Gruska Babuska – Refurinn (Phonofile Pop) The night comes falling from the sky

SEPALOT – Konzentrat feat. M.Lindermayr (EskapadenMusik) I was baptised by the jazz man’s horn

The Man From Managra – Sipping On Sorrow by (InnerEarRec) A very fine vintage

Somehow – While the Days Go (TOOLONG RECORDS) Everything and nothing

Peredmova – Я Іду до Тебе (dobryi bober) Symmetry begets beauty

SOFT REGIME – Michelangelo by (Elefant Records) I’ve come to the conclusion that this is not about sculpture

Invaderband – Attack Of The Pod People Pod saves the people

Curxes – In Your Neighbourhood My kinda neighbourhood

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