SWIT’S Best Of 2017 Part 5

Part 5 of our 2017 Best Of- More tunes that made us act like loons

St. Stephen’s Day celebrates the first Christian martyr and falls on December 26th. However, in Ireland, the celebration of the day seem to have little relation to St. Stephen himself, although there is one tale that recounts the ‘chattering’ wren betraying St. Stephen to his enemies as he tries to hide from them in a bush. Thereafter, the wren, much like poor St. Stephen, was to be hunted down and stoned to death! This treatment of the wren however, was to be an annual event, accompaniment by strolling musicians going door to door in disguise. It is believed to go back hundred and hundreds of years and is still practiced today. Bands of musicians go from door to door entering private and/or public houses as they’ hunt the wren’ (pronounced ‘ran’) entertaining the gathering in exchange for food, drink and /or coin. We are celebrating the bould wren with part five of our 2017 best of, some stunning songs here. Right Gerry, grab your melodeon, I’m on the flute – whack this straw hat on and we’re off!

Leska feat. Batuk – I Got You (Nowadays Records) Oh we wish
Bertrand Burgalat – Les choses qu’on ne peut dire à personne (TricatelVision) Bertrand understands a thing or two
Der Herr Polaris – Mehr Innen Als Außen (Grand Hotel van Cleef) More upside than downside
Light – Lynette Williams The light comes flooding in
Lali Puna: Deep Dream (morrmusic) Never wake up
Eugene Delta – So Long But We’ve only just met
THE CRISPIES – RING MY DOORSTEP (feat. SUPERFERTIG) (Seayou Records) Ring my bell
CAZZI OPEIA & JIN X JIN – BATMAN & ROBIN (Cosmos Music) Bananas
LA BIEN QUERIDA – Lo Veo Posible (Elefant Records) An index of possibilities
Olli – Kiss You (Soliti Records) With a mouth full of space dust
Gdeto (Solo project of Aneliya from CHKBNS)- Rowan How rich and gay thy autumn dress

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