SWIT Best of 2017 Chapter 2

Hello Everybody. Well another end of year on SWIT and I’ve had an amazing time discovering all these Super World Indie Tunes. Tom and I search as far and wide as possible to hear as much new music from around the world.We take it seriously but we have a great time doing it and Tom couldn’t find a nicer guy than me to work with. He thinks I’m a class act and very handsome and talented and smart. Tom’s okay I guess. ONLY KIDDING – he’s great. If he wasn’t then none of this would be possible. However if it wasn’t for you guys then none of this absolutely wouldn’t be possible. Everyone that takes time to create something out of nothing is wonderful in our eyes and ears. The 50 or so tracks I’ve chosen from the last year are the tip of the ice-berg. I could have posted over a hundred. So you know if you’re not here then it doesn’t mean we don’t think you’re fab, everyone we posted this year we loved. So without further ado here’s my first selection and Part 2 of the SWIT End of Year Best Of. (if any of the bands mentioned here are out in Dublin tonight – I’m okay with accepting beers as a thank you)

Lake Felix – Leash My Elephant

Montauk Hotel – Sense of Place

Tara Clerkin – Zadar – Stolen Body Records

ABC Love – Quem é você?

Clouds – A Change – Sotron Records

MimiCof: Opal – Alien Transistor

Half Japanese – On The Right Track

Paul y Carlos – Chepe

Dutch party – blade

The Homsies – Zalamook/Al Qosayr, Spring of Freedom – Mishwar Music

SWIT’S 2017 Chapter 2

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