SWIT’S Best Of 2017 Part 1

We’ve posted nearly a billion tunes this year and they were all great to begin with, so whittling that down to the best odd 100 or so was never going to be an easy task, it is with great pleasure (at re-listening to everything again and again) and pain (at having to exclude some great tracks) that we begin to give you our “Best Of 2017”. It’s a ying-yang experience if you will. 10 chapters in all, culminating in myself & Gerry giving you our Top 10 tracks of the year around New Year. Thanks to everyone who has contributed music and art this year, thanks to everyone who has listened but most of all thanks to our local off-license who have provided us with case after case of knock-off whiskey and contraband cigarettes! So without further ado, ladies & gentlemen I give you SWIT Best Of 2017 Chapter 1.

POSTMAN – Islands (Cut Surface) Clinical architect Wannabes
Otoboke Beaver Love Is Short (Damnably records) Life is short so fuck you
Bergfilm: Nostalgic Love (Haldern Pop Recording) Is this my future?
Linda Guilala – Abstinencia (Elefant records) Shimmer Shimmer, Christmas Trees for shoegazers
The Luxembourg Signal – Are you Numb? (Shelflife Records/kleine untergrund schallplatten) Air-raid The Musical
HACHIKU – Zombie Slayer (milk records melbourne) Who knew zombies has such an inner life?
Die Liga der gewöhnlichen Gentlemen – Die Welt braucht mehr Leute so wie Dich (tapete records)The Rowan and Martin Laugh-In on the moon
Chkbns – Bodyless I only love you for your walkman
Post Lovers – Going Anyway (Inner Ear Records) Can we come too?
Andreas Dorau – Liebe ergibt keinen Sinn (staatsakt label)Tell us something we don’t know Andreas
Tuath – Youth – insurmountable opportunities

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