THE SWIT: The best tunes from around the world (Nov 25 – 09 Dec)

It’s snow joke here in Dublin folks, we were promised heavy snow overnight, what do we wake up to? Torrential pissings of rain, rain and more rain. Gerry’s not happy, he had the sleigh ready and he’d been practicing his Ho Ho Hos all night…..he’s gone back to bed now with a bottle of whiskey and a black mood. Only one thing could cheer him up now, yes you’ve guessed it -some of the greatest indie tunes from around the world. Predictable I know but predictably brilliant also – check out SAÐÆMØN feat. Lory Fayer, LoE LoF LoN, Pale Lights, Satellite Stories, Celebrine, Lake Felix, La Habitación Roja, Monoplasma, The Bergh, Clint Slate, VedeTT, Foreign Owl, Crevice, The Crowleys, A Choir Of Ghosts, Cats of Transnistria, Andreas Dorau, Like Elephants, Joni Ekman & Koira, Still Trees and Xoltev!!

SWIT YouTube Playlist 2017

SWIT Spotify Playlist 2017

SWIT Soundcloud Playlist 2017

” I think the incline towards a belief in magic has counterbalanced the cheap trickery of this illusory distortion we see every day. So let’s talk about something that’s making me happy today and that’s hallucinogenic mushrooms starting to be more widely accepted by health professionals, and importantly the mass media, as something that can improve mental health. Now that is an amazing breakthrough for us all.”

Yes, our interview was with SWIT regular David Harks, discussing God, Cheese and magic mushrooms! His latest solo single on Splinter is enraturing my enchiladas!

We had two, yes TWO new works added to the Galleria Del La Switeaux

Firstly from Skizo Frenetik

and also from Eleni Karageorgou of Post Lovers

Be back soon.

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