SWIT Premiere: Pale Lights make we want to wear tights (and prevent avoidable fights)

Pale Lights – Jean, Bring The Flowers

Who is Jean? Where are they bringing the flowers? All valid questions I’m sure you’d agree. I guess it’s because “I’m so tired of your rotten lies and your brash grand-standing”. Now, ain’t that a feeling shared presently by huge swathes of the world’s population? Maybe they’re talking about somebody else, but it doesn’t really matter, the feelings and the response are completely valid either way. “All we want is some purity”, say Pale Lights. Well folks, “Jean, Bring The Flowers” is pure dead brilliant. It’s an indie-pop classicist’s dream, a sixties-tinged ballad with a delicious melody and an uplifting plea for floral optimism. That’s something we can all get down with. Hats off to Jean. For lovers of The Go-Betweens, Lloyd Cole and Belle & Sebastian, and just for lovers generally. I’ve had a first listen to the new LP also- the band have put a 3-track EP teaser up on Bandcamp this morning and the LP “The Stars Seemed Brighter” is released by Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten on the 15th of December, boy are you in for a treat? (yes). The album was recorded by Gary Olson (The Ladybug Transistor) with guest appearances by Kyle Forester (Crystal Stilts/The Ladybug Transistor) and Hamish Kilgour (The Clean).

Pale Lights are fronted by Phil Sutton on vocals & guitar (ex-Comet Gain/Velocette/Kicker) with Andy Adler on lead guitar (Crystal Stilts), Lisa Goldstein on drums (Knight School), Maria Pace on bass guitar and Suzanne Nienaber on vocals (Great Lakes). Phil and Andy are also members of the indie-supergroup Cinema Red & Blue.

There aren’t many problems that a good tune can’t fix. Pale Lights know this.

Bandphotos by Leigh Fox
Sleevedesign by Frederik Jehle
Coverstars: Renate Blume & Eberhard Esche from the film “Der Geteilte Himmel” (1964 DEFA, GDR)

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