THE SWIT: The best tunes from around the world BUMPER EDITION (12-25 November)

SWIT waters run deep, yes folks they do but what lies beneath? Well, a veritable cornucopia of disparate and delightful musical styles from all around this wondrous globe of ours. Today we’re rounding up the crème de la crème of the past fortnight and, as someone said, we’re on a roll. Make mine bacon and cheese, please. We’ve collated all our tunes into one gigantic and phantasmagorical 2017 YouTube playlist too. So, much ado about something, take it away….Наадя, Aries, The Performers, Dunk, IBON ERRAZKIN, Someday Jacob, Núria Graham , BONNE APARTE, Orson Hentschel, Kraków Loves Adana, The Wood Burning Savages, Beach Girls and the Monster, 1971, Jef Maarawi, Bazooka, No Suits In Miami, Mannequin Trees, R Missing, Volpe Hunt, Rain on Monday, Café Republica, Tünay Akdeniz ve Grup Çığrışım, Prairie, Orouni, A Friend’s Halo, Honey Harper , Black Letters, Zapato 3, Nils Bech, CHANCES, Headcut, Armpitmouth, Distant Creatures, Safetalk and Sexy Bicycle! Holy fuck!

SWIT YouTube Playlist 2017

SWIT Spotify Playlist 2017

SWIT Soundcloud Playlist 2017

“The first song, we recorded together was the song ‘Hitori Matsuri’, and it became somehow the centre-piece of the album.It’s about a spirit or ghost, walking over the houses at night when everyone is sleeping. Saya translated the title as ‘Spirit Fest’. She later suggested to call the band like this, and we all liked it a lot. It describes quite good the intuitive, jetlagged and somehow sleepwalking coming together in a small apartment studio in Munich.”

Yes, our first interview was with SWIT regular Markus Acher, discussing new project Spirit Fest! Their self-titled debut LP on Morr Music is chilling my chakras to be sure to be sure.

“English is not my mother tongue and I find this distance so fascinating, I can easily focus on sounds and letters of the words. As soon as a word or a little sentence attracts me, I save it and use it as a trigger to start creating something around it, going with the flow of the music and letting other words emerge from it. When words turn to a melody I kind of forget their meaning: I guess I’m trying to go beyond it, where music is, even though there’s always a narrative level.”

Our second interview was with Leila Gharib of the extremely feline Sequoyah Tiger! Her new LP “Parabolabandit” (also on Morr Music) has raided my radishes!

Lynette Williams gave us this superb photo from NYC to add to our gallery. Love it!

Speaking of canals…

Be back soon.

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