You don’t need to be half cut to listen to Headcut

Headcut – Melters

“I’ve been searching for something that goes outside of my routine”

Holly says “loved your write up about my friend Roberta (Curxes) so I thought I’d get in touch.I’m putting out my debut track ‘Melters’, it’s kinda Warpaint, ESG/Delta 5 vibes.” I have to be honest here – I’ve never heard any of those bands, as you probably already know I went off the grid for several years, living in a self-build eco-pod on Mount Nephin, County Mayo. Having only returned to civilisation in 2014 I’m still catching up. I will listen to them though. But I digress, because this is a pretty amazing debut, Holly’s vocals are sharp and grown up, the guitars magisterial and the rhythms dark and mysterious. The tune is a keeper, too, it takes to aim and lodges long in the memory almost immediately. If you were looking for some references (and you might be) I’d say Siouxsie, Bunnymen and even early Simple Minds. I’d also say, class. Now, where did I leave that yurt?

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Photo: Nina Raedel

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