THE SWIT: It’s The Shit.

We have pronounced ourselves “The Shit”. Remember the “The”, it makes a big difference. To back up our audacious claim I present the following evidence, only the best new tunes from around the world m’lud, we’re talking Forever Pavot, Christian Löffler, Autodromo, Arcadian Child, Leoprrrds, Curxes, Micatone, Imarhan, IMustBe Leonardo, The Charlie´s Jacket and 실리카겔 / Silica GEL!!

SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 45

SWIT Spotify Playlist 2017

SWIT Soundcloud Playlist 2017

Our Long Player Of The Week is “Okay” (Hybris/Better Call Rob) by Wy. It’s elongating my endives.

“Are you looking for an English record label for your new album: YES.”

Yes, our interview of the week is with the wonderful Mensch! Their LP “Tarifa” (Alter K) is terrifyingly terrific.

Estella Rosa from our new favourite blog Fadeawayradiate did us a playlist, and did we like it? No, we LOVED it !

Be back soon.

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