The SWITLIST – Fadeawayradiate

We first became aware of Fadeawayradiate via Ole of The Loch Ness Mouse and we posted their excellent covers compilation called I Remember That​!​: 12 sophistipop tunes quoted out of context as our record of the week not so long ago.

The blog was founded by Estella Rosa in 2015, the “about us” on their website states

This blog is a work of love for music! We don’t earn anything from our articles and reviews, so we are pretty flexible to write about anything we like and how we like. We do not practice standard music journalism here: we write from the heart! Music is personal and I don’t believe in “standard” anyway…

That’s an ethos we share and believe in here at SWIT. In these times when it’s very challenging to make a living as a musician due to the pervasive revenue models in play it’s heartening to have outlets like Fadeawayradiate that support artists, driven solely by passion for music. Estella put together a playlist for us to give a flavour of the type of music they cover. Some we’ve heard of previously, some are new to us, all are interesting in their own way. Check out Japanese Breakfast, Men I Trust, Michael Jablonka, Palace Winter, Kaja Gunnufsen, Hazel English, Rosemary Fairweather, Niki & the Dove, Geyster, Loch Ness Mouse, Roman à Clef, Ablebody, Ducktails, The Japanese House and Pokal.

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